Dr. Tyrone C. Malloy M.D.

Mrs. Margaret L. Kelly 305 North Jordan Street Bennettsville, SC 29512

April, 3,2015

Mr. Terry E. Bernard Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles 2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, SE 458 Balcony Level, East Tower Atlanta, GA 30334-4909

Dear Mr. Bernard,

This letter is written on behalf of Dr. Tyrone Malloy, whom I have known his entire life. During the course of life, he has successfully completed educational training, ultimately completing the rigors of medical school and establishment of medical practice. A retired school teacher, I am appreciative of the hard work and dedication needed to achieve these accomplishments.

It is regrettable circumstances of the circumstances in which he now finds himself. The however, does not negate the otherwise fine quality man that I have come to know and respect over the years of his life.

I firmly believe Dr. Malloy has qualities as a human being who should be afforded an opportunity an opportunity for redemption and subsequently, parole. It is my understanding that the one correctional process main goals and objectives is to remediate individuals who are incarcerated. Towards this endeavor, he has learned and I express my support and urging of the parole board’s consideration for mercy and provide him parole.

I may be reached at (843) 479-8202 should you have need to speak with me regarding this matter.

Respectfully submitted,

Mrs. Margaret L. Kelly

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Delores Bryant-Booker
2016-12-20, 18:58
Dr. Malloy is a friend and fellow church member and the mentor and doctor to my daughter who is also an Ob/Gyn. I know him to be a generous, honest, … read more
Super User
2016-12-18, 23:24
Dr. Malloy is an intelligent physician who provides quality patient care and imparts important knowledge to future/current healthcare providers.
Erma Killings
2016-12-20, 17:02
I believe in Dr. Malloy. Dr. Malloy has the utmost integrity. This is a travesty.

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