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My life's work has been devoted to medicine. As an obstetrician/ gynecologist for over 40 years I have served 1000's of women and have delivered over 25,000 healthy babies into this world. It was one of my greatest joys. I have performed numerous GYN surgeries, I have given women a means to have a better chance to become pregnant through many of the surgical procedures and fertility methods initiated. I have helped to increase women’s quality of life through proper diagnoses and treatment. I am a professor at Emory University.  I have served my country as a soldier and doctor. I served as the Principal Investigator in many Clinical Trials that focused on Research Studies that provide new medicines that provide women a cure, better treatment and a better quality of life. I am not an abortionist.  I am a doctor that performs pregnancy termination for women that consciously have decided to terminate after consultation with her physician. I am a father, grandfather, husband, doctor and friend. The vicious conspiracy to destroy my reputation, my life and that of my family by the radical anti-abortion factions that used their power and influence to come after me with hatred and an unprecedented vengeance was an injustice, up to and including, the judicial system of the State of Georgia, in particular, the former Attorney General, Sam Olens. I was found innocent of Medicaid fraud in 2010. Medicaid released all the money to me.  I never heard from Medicaid again. However, I didn't know that I was a target.  There were persons in power with their own agenda and were coming to indict me criminally. Why??? That’s when I knew, this was about Abortion not Medicaid. This is why the jury never heard my witnesses from Medicaid.  This is why the evidence was suppressed including the fact I was found innocent by Judge Steven Teate. This is why I was never offered an opportunity to give back money they said I owed. Even though Medicaid released the funds. Instead, to my complete horror and disbelief the officers from DeKalb County arrested me at my office. After Obtaining legal representation, Nancy Alstrom and Judge Cynthia Becker offered me a plea deal, which was to admit guilt and pay back all the money. I was innocent. The Supreme Court of Georgia said that I should just present every witness and all the evidence that exonerated me before, to the jury. I was dismayed when throughout the trial witnesses for my defense were denied the opportunity to testify and evidence was not allowed to be presented. The conspiracy continues. The evidence and testimony the jury didn’t hear in my defense among other atrocities perpetuated in this trial led to my conviction.  My attorneys requested an Appeal Bond since I would be appealing. I immediately hired an Appellant attorney, Don Samuels, to get my case before the Court of Appeals as soon as possible.  Meanwhile, Judge Becker ruled against my Appeal bond.  I was sent to prison. I never received a ruling on a new trial or a restitution hearing.  My attorney, Don Samuels still fought for my Appeal Bond. Judge Cynthia Becker still refused to grant it saying that I was a flight risk, even though I turned over my passport, even though my children, grandchildren, and my wife of 43 years was in Atlanta, Georgia, even though all of my businesses were here. Judge Cynthia Becker retired in 2015 and made no rulings on my request. It took almost a 9 months for Gov. Deal to appoint another judge to take Becker’s place. I was up for parole during this time frame as well.  However, the parole board denied me until March 2017. I didn’t have any infractions or marks on my record while in GDC’s system. The conspiracy continues.

In late 2015 Judge Jean-Paul Boulee was appointed to replace Cynthia Becker.  I was granted a hearing December 21, 2015 in front of Judge Boulee. Instead of hearing the motions for a new trial, appellate bond and restitution, my attorney and the state agreed that if I paid back all the money the state said I owed I would be released. This offer I feel should have been offered at the time of the sentencing or once I was granted a timely restitution hearing. I knew I owed some money because of a coding error. After I was found not guilty Medicaid never deducted those monies. I would have gladly given those monies back. However, I was told I was within the Medicaid guidelines.


I never admitted guilt, but after relinquishing my freedom for nearly 2 years, while holding fast to my innocence, grieving for those I left behind and the many people that were effected by my incarceration, as well as being housed in 7 different state prisons, I agreed to pay back the money the state said I owed. Judge Boulee voiced in front of my family and friends as well as the State Prosecutors, “Time Served’’, “Records will be expunged.” The chains were loosened from the judicial conspiracy and corruption that made me a political prisoner. I went home.

 Olens: Health care groups agree to$25M settlement


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Michelle Reid Winston
2016-12-20, 19:23
Dr. Malloy is an excellent physician and upstanding member of the community. He should be granted bond while this case is appealed.
To ensure that … read more
Patricia Thompson Reid
2016-12-20, 19:52
Dr. Malloy and his family are my friends. He is a man of impeccably strength to have endured all that the conspirators methodically paved for him, in … read more
Renee Gallman-Jones
2016-12-20, 01:45
Dr. Malloy has been my doctor for 16 years I have known him to be an upstanding doctor and member of the community where he practices. Granting him … read more

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