Dr. Tyrone C. Malloy M.D.

Mr. Terry E. Bernard, Chairman Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles 2 Martin Luther King Dr., S. E.

Suite 458 Balcony Levei, East Tower Atlanta, GA 30334

Dear Mr. Chairman and Members of the Board:

I tender this letter in support of Dr. Tyrone Cecil Malloy, who will be considered for parole in the near future.

I have known Dr. Malloy for forty years. We met while training together at Walter Reed Army

Dr. Malloy served in the United States Army as a distinguished officer with whom I proudly served. Throughout both his military career and private practice, he demonstrated his outstanding leadership skills. !r> his dedication to service to our country, he willingly took a leave of absence from his private practice to answer the call of duty to serve during Desert Storm with distinction and honor.

Dr. Malloy has admirably served our community, his family, friends, and colleagues. He served our profession in an unselfish and superb manner. He is very much deserving of returning to serving our community with grace and compassion. He served the Greater Metro Atlanta community, particularly, Dekalb County, with great distinction in many capacities. He has been a devoted teacher of students in a multitude of studies, including nurses, nurse practitioners, midwives, medical students, interns, residents and young colleagues, in addition to students in other endeavors. He has often been consulted by seasoned physicians as well. The absence of Dr. Malloy's dedication and willingness to serve and teach throughout the community has left a void which readily cannot be filled.

While teaching and serving, Dr. Malloy demonstrated his outstanding brand of concerned, conscientious, caring, and empathetic professional obstetric and gynecologic service. His impact on the community is clearly reflected in his patients' loyalty. Many of those same patient continually express concern and desire for his return to the community to continue to provide the outstanding care to which they have become accustomed over the more than thirty years he has been in the Atlanta area.

I am dismayed by his present circumstance, which does not represent him. Having known him for forty years, I know that he is a ioving, giving, caring family man who has nurtured his children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and other children not his own. Tyrone has helped them become productive citizens, and he has been outstanding in this regard. He has willingly given his time and resources in many areas to help others, all from the compassion and kindness of his heart, without any expectation of personal return.

Hence, I pray, along with many of his patients, community members, and colleagues, you will give Dr. Malloy your most favorable consideration and disposition to return this worthy gentleman to our community to serve superbly as he has done for so many years, by grant of his parole.


Phillip E Hadley, MD, JD, FACOG, FCLM, AEONMS, Lt. Col., Ret, US Army

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