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March 31, 2015

Mr. Terry E. Barnard

Chairman, Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles

2 Martin Luther King Dr., SE

Suite 458 Balcony Level, East Tower

Atlanta, GA 30334

                        Re:       Dr. Tyrone Malloy

Dear Mr. Barnard:

I submit this letter as you consider the possibility of early parole for Dr. Tyrone Malloy. I offer a story of how we came to meet to illustrate his compassion, which I hope will weigh toward his release.

One day in the 1990s, I received a call from a woman in Georgia who told me that her daughter was in a juvenile detention facility and had just tried to self-abort with a fork. Her daughter was in her first trimester of pregnancy. The mother told me that the officials at the facility would not transport her daughter for an abortion. She needed help. The call came to me in my capacity as a then senior staff attorney with the national ACLU's Reproductive Freedom Project. (I later became Director of the Reproductive Freedom Project and more recently assumed the position of Deputy Legal Director for the national ACLU.) In that role, my work was to defend the constitutional right to abortion, which includes access to abortion while incarcerated.

In the case of this teen, time was of the essence. I needed a doctor who could explain to the court the safety of abortion and the consequences of delay. I was referred to Dr. Malloy. I didn't know him; I had never spoken with him or had any contact with him. As best I recall, I reached out on a Friday night, with an eye toward a Monday filing, Dr. Malloy responded right away and made himself available that night and on Saturday to assist in any way.

As my colleagues will attest, I have always been grateful to Dr. Malloy for this. This teen was desperate. She was in a remote part of the state. Her request to obtain an abortion had already been denied. I was genuinely worried about our prospects for relief. It meant a great deal to have a stranger — to me, to this family, to this case — put aside other demands to help. The compassion was evident from what Dr. Malloy did. It was also evident from what he said. He was kñld, he was incredibly responsive, and he offered to help in any way. I've been in this field for more than twenty years, but to this day, Dr. Malloy and his spirit in that case stand out.

I went out of my way that year then to meet him at a conference and we have been in touch over these many years. He was among the plaintiffs in a suit I filed in the state more than a decade ago. We see one another at an annual conference, trying where possible to have dinner. Those dinners always confirm my first impression — that his heart is big. His heart is big for the women he sees. He cares deeply about providing services, at cost and risk to himself, that change women's lives. And he cares deeply about his family.


Dr. Malloy is a man of compassion and someone who has touched many people's lives, including mine. I am confident that, if released, he will contribute to his community and to his family.




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