Dr. Tyrone C. Malloy M.D.

F.L. Carter Company

April 3, 2015

Mr. Terry E. Barnard

Chairman, Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles 2 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., SE Suite 458 Balcony Level, East Tower Atlanta, GA 30334-4909

Honorable Chairman Barnard,

My name is Frank L. Carter. I have known Tyrone C. Malloy for 20 years and in this time period I have never sensed that Dr. Malloy would have any illegal or unethical thoughts and certainly not conduct such activities. I have had many conversations with Dr. Malloy both personal and professional. At no time did I ever find him to be self-serving or entitled. In fact, he always looked out for the best interest for anyone who depended on him or the people that surrounded him.

Dr. Malloy owned several establishments that employed many people and serviced sectors of the community that were in the most need of the services he provided. Dr. Malloy’s incarceration is no help to anyone, especially his employees and their families as well the community that receive needed services.

Disbursement of Medicaid funds is confusing and at best a complicated task. During the last major overhaul of Medicaid I was working with a client in the medical field and all that was received was a hug document subject to the interpretation of whoever was reading it. Medicaid and the allocation of funds change all the time. Providers and recipients of the program suffer due to the lack of real documentation, information or training on how to use the program without running foul of the regulations.

It is my hope that the presiding Judge in this case did not have political motivations rather then making reasonable judgments. The presiding Judge’s current circumstance appears to create a question of motive.

Dr. Malloy has done so much for the community at large and to keep him removed from the communities he served as a veteran, a physician and as an employer means lost of revenue, lost tax dollars of people no longer employed and a disservice to a veteran who serviced this country. If funds were allocated not in accordance with Medicaid it would seem to me that re-payment and monitoring would be an appropriate remedy. But, jail with no bail and all the harm it is doing seems to send a very different message and calls into question, motive.

I pray the Honorable Chairman Barnard considers the bigger picture in this case and allows Dr. Malloy to continue to do the fine work that is in the best interest of many rather then the interest of a few.

Sincerely, frank/L. Canter

Frank L. Carter, MBA President/CEO


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