Dr. Tyrone C. Malloy M.D.



Name:                                   Tyrone Cecil Malloy, M.D., J.D.                               


Place of Birth:                     Brooklyn, New York


Home Address:                  1134 Gaviwood Place

                                                Decatur, GA 30033

                                                (404) 254-5211


Business Address:            4201 Rainbow Drive

                                                Decatur, Georgia 30034

                                                (404) 534-0035


Email Address:                   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Colleges:                              Howard University                                                     09/66 – 2/69

                                                Washington, D.C.                                                                                                                Chemistry Major


                                                New York University                                                  02/69 - 07/71                                    Bronx, N.Y.

                                                Degree: B.A. Biology


                    Rockefeller University                                                02/71 - 08/71              

                    New York, N.Y.

                                    Research Assistant, Department of Endocrinology


MedicalSchool:                   The Johns Hopkins University                                   09/71 - 05/75

                                                School of Medicine                                                                                                              Baltimore, MD

                                                Degree: M.D.


Internship:                            Walter Reed Army Medical Center                            07/75 - 06/76

                                                Washington, D.C.      

                                                Rotating Internship Program


Residency:                           Walter Reed Army Medical Center                            07/76 -06/78

                                                Washington, D.C.      

                                                Obstetrics & Gynecology Residency


                                                Walter Reed Army Medical Center                            07/78 - 06/79

                                                Washington, D.C.

                                                OB/GYN - Chief Resident


Post-Graduate:                   Georgia State University                                            09/88 - 05/93                                                                                                   College of Law                                                                                                                                                                                      Atlanta, Georgia

                                                Degree: J.D.


License:                                State of Georgia - Active                                            10/81  

                                                State of Virginia - Inactive

                                                State of Maryland - Inactive

                                                State of South Carolina - Inactive

                                                District of Columbia - Inactive



Certification:                       American Board of OB/GYN                                       12/85  


                                                Department of Health & Human Services                07/10

                                                Established an Institutional Biosafety           

                                                Committee for Soapstone Center for

                                                Clinical Research


                                                Certified for NIH                                                        07/10

                                                Guideline for Research Involving

                                                Recombinant DNA Molecules (NIH Guidelines)


Organizations:                     Academy of Pharmaceutical Physicians &


Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity

                                                American Association of GYN Laparoscopists                                                                                                                                                                     American Civil Liberties Union

American Colposcopy Society

                                                American Fertility Society

                                                American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics

                                                Association of Clinical Research Professionals

                                                Atlanta Medical Association

                                                Dekalb Medical Society

DMC Quality Assurance Committee

                                                Drug Information Association

                                                Fellow American College of Legal Medicine

                                                Fellow American College of OB/GYN

                                                Georgia Obstetrical & Gynecological Society

                                                Georgia State Medical Association

                                                Gynecological Laser Society

                                                International Society of Police Surgeons

                                                National Medical Association

                                                PHI DELTA PHI International Legal Society

                                                Physicians for Reproductive Choice & Health

                                                Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.

                                                Population Connection

                                                Society of Clinical Research Associates


Professional Development:                                       07/01                                                                                                                        

            Good Clinical training and Skills DevelopementTraining Program

The National Medical Association                                                                                                                            


Basic/Refresher Course – Human Subjects                04/10

Research Curriculum Completion

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative

for Society of Clinical Research Associates  


             Clinical Investigator Training and Proficiency          05/07                                   

              Testing                                  eCast


Employment:                         Soapstone Center for Clinical Research                     2002 - Present

                                                   CEO, Medical Director, Principal Investigator                                                                                                                                                                      Decatur, Georgia           


                                                Private Practice

Metropolitan Atlanta OB/GYN                                  08/81 - Present

                                                Decatur, Georgia                                            

                                                Private Practice


                                                Consolidated OB/GYN Specialty Group, LLC          01/00 - 11/04

                                                Decatur, Georgia



Positions:                                CEO & Medical Director                                            09/09 – Present                                                Atlanta Center for Women’s Choice

Atlanta, Georgia


Clinical Assistant Professor of Obstetrics &              12/09 – 12/11


            Emory University School of Medicine                                                            

                                                Atlanta, Georgia


                                                Preceptor                                                                     9/2011 - Present

                                                Georgia State University School of Medicine

                                                Atlanta, Georgia


Clinical Instructor of Obstetrics and                           06/02 – 12/09


            Emory University School of Medicine                                                            

                                                Atlanta, Georgia                                 


Chief of Medical Staff                                                07/08 – 06/10

DeKalb Medical Center-Hillandale

Lithonia, Georgia



Continued:                             Vice Chief of Medical Staff                                       07/06 - 07/08

DeKalb Medical Center-Hillandale

Lithonia, Georgia


Secretary/Treasurer of Medical Staff                         07/05 - 07/06

DeKalb Medical Center-Hillandale

Lithonia, Georgia


Medical Director/Principal Investigator                     11/02 - Present

Soapstone Center for Clinical Research                    

Decatur, Georgia


Organizer/Clinical Trial Director                               01/05 – 01/06

Medical Network Research                                       

Decatur, Georgia


                                                Board of Directors                                                      01/94 - Present

                                                Sterling Institutional Review Board                          

                                                Atlanta, Georgia


                                                CEO & President                                                        06/95 – 04/12

                                                Old National GYN, LLC                                           

                                                College Park, Georgia


Owner                                                                         04/12 - Present

Old National GYN

College Park, Georgia


Organizer                                                                    01/01 - 01/05

Soapstone Center for Education and                         


                     Decatur, Georgia                                


Clinical Instructor of Family Practice                        09/02 – 09/04


            Emory University School of Medicine

            Atlanta, Georgia


                                                Chief of Surgical Services                                          08/02 – 07/05

            Hillandale Out-Patient Center

            Of DeKalb Medical Center

Lithonia, Georgia


Atlanta Surgi-Center, Inc.                                           01/90 - 10/97

                                                Medical Director                                                         01/02 - 12/06

Chief Operating Officer                                             04/00 - 01/09

Atlanta, Georgia                                                         



Continued:                             Board of Directors                                                      02/00 - 05/06

Population Connection                                              

                                                Washington, D.C.


CEO & President                                                        01/90 - Present

TCM Properties, Inc.                                                 

                                                Decatur, Georgia


Medical Director                                                         05/94 - 10/02

Feminist Women’s Health Center                              06/12 - Present

                                                Atlanta, Georgia


Board of Directors                                                      04/99 - 11/02

Omni Global, Inc.                                                      

                                                Atlanta, Georgia


Board of Directors                                                      03/94 - 01/00

Soapstone Center for the Arts                                   

                                                Decatur, Georgia


                                                Board of Directors                                                      04/95 - 09/98

                                                Progressive Medical Services of Georgia                  

                                                Atlanta, Georgia


                                                CEO & President                                                        02/95 - 03/97

                                                Atlanta Legal Medicine Consultants, Inc.                 

                                                Atlanta, Georgia


Assistant Clinical Instructor                                       01/85 - 06/91

Morehouse School of Medicine                                 

                                                Atlanta, Georgia


                                                Gynecology Consultant                                              08/81 - 12/91

Ft. McPherson                                                            

Atlanta, Georgia                                                                                            

Board of Directors                                                      01/80 - 08/81

                                                American Cancer Society                                                                                                                   Columbia, S.C.


Staff Physician                                                            07/79 - 11/81

Moncrief Army Hospital                                                                    Fort Jackson, S.C.






Hospital Affiliations:DeKalb Medical Center-Hillandale

                                                DeKalb Medical Center-North Campus

DeKalb Medical Center-Downtown

                                                Atlanta Medical Center



Papers Presented:                “Endodermal Sinus Tumor”                                        09/79

                                                 To: Armed Forces District Of The American

                                                 College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists  

 San Antonio, TX


                                                “Abdominal Pregnancy”                                             07/81

                                                 To: Armed Forces District Of The American

                                                 College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists

                                                 San Antonio, TX


                                                “Estrogen Replacement Therapy”                              07/88

                                                 Georgia State Medical Association

                                                 Hilton Head, S.C.


“The Next Advance in Women’s Health                    11/07

                                                 LoEstrin 24FE”



Journal Articles:                    Articles below appeared in the Georgia State            95-96

                                                Medical Association Magazine                                  


                                                “On Law and Medicine”

                                                 Information on Legislation that govern

                                                 managed healthcare and examples of

                                                 specific Managed Care entities.   



 How managed care is affecting physicians

 in private practice.


                                                “Professional Corporation VS. Limited

 Liability Company: Which Business Form

 is right for you?”


                                    Article below appeared in the Georgia                       04/05

                                                Medical Association Magazine                                  


“Community Based Physicians of Color and             01/88

                                                Clinical Research”     





Presentations:                        The Next Advance in Women’s Health                     11/07

                                                LoEstrin 24 Fe

                                                Las Vegas, NV


How Not to Be on the Other Side of the “V “            06/88

                                                Medical Malpractice Prevention Seminar

                                                Ga. State Medical Association Annual Meeting                               


                                                Enhancing Your Medical Practice Through               06/04

                                                Clinical Trials                                                

                                                Ga. State Medical Association Annual Meeting       


                                                Enhancing Your Medical Practice Through               06/05

                                                Clinical Trials                                                            

                                                Ga. State Medical Association Annual Meeting



                     Parke - Davis Pharmaceutical                                     01/91- 06/98

                                                Member of Speakers Bureau


                                                Warner Chilcott                                                          08/02 - Present

                                                Advisory Board


U.S. Army Reserves                                                   08/81 - 12/00

Lieutenant Colonel


                                                Member of Hillside Presbyterian                                1983 - Present


Decatur, Ga.


                                                Member of Hopewell United Methodist                     1970 - Present


                                                Tatum, S.C.                            









Signature:  _____________________________________     Date:  ________________________


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