Dr. Tyrone C. Malloy M.D.

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Abnormal Pap                       A Randomized, Single Blind, Placebo Controlled Phase 2 Study to assess the Safety of ADXS XXXX for the Treatment of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia Grade 2/3

                                                Principal Investigator

                                                Sponsor: Advaxis  


                                                A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, parallel group, multicenter study of the safety and response rate of 3 subcutaneously administered doses of X in patient with high grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2 or 3 associated with High Risk HPV infection

                                                Principal Investigator

                                                Sponsor: Roche


Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Phase 2 Study of Multiple Dosing Regimens of Intravaginally Administered X Gel for the Treatment of Cervical High Risk HPV Infection

                                                Principal Investigator                                    

Sponsor: Takeda Global Research


A Multi-Center Prospective Clinical Study to Evaluate the Performance and Clinical Predictive Value of the Invaderâ HPV HR Molecular Assay and Invaderâ HPV 16/18 Molecular Assay for the Detection of Human Papilloma Virus in Cervical Cytology Samples

                                                Principal Investigator

Sponsor: Third Wave Technologies   



Planning                                 Acceptability and Feasibility of                                

                                                Early Pregnancy Termination by


                                                Principal Investigator                                                


                                                Low Dose Mifepristone Plus Vaginal

                                                Misoprostol for Abortion up to 63

                                                Days Gestation.

                                                Principal Investigator


                                                A Copy Mifepristone Product Plus                                                                                                     Misoprostol for Medical Induction

                                                of  Early Abortion: Low Dose

                                                Mifepristone Trial.

                                                Principal Investigator                                                




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Carla Aniagoh
2016-12-20, 18:39
Dr. Malloy is , and the mentor and doctor to my daughter who is also an Ob/Gyn. I know him to be a generous, honest, ethical person and physician who … read more
Erma Killings
2016-12-20, 17:02
I believe in Dr. Malloy. Dr. Malloy has the utmost integrity. This is a travesty.
LtCol Johann A.. Clendenin
2016-12-19, 00:09
I have know Dr. Malloy for over 50 years! He has demonstrated his integrity in athletics, civic responsibility, professional medical practice, … read more

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