Dr. Tyrone C. Malloy M.D.

Possessing more than 30 years of research and clinical practice experience, Dr. Tyrone Malloy currently serves as founder and Medical Director of Cheshire Bridge Gynecology, LLC. The recently established midtown Atlanta practice offers a full range of women's health services, including pap smears, weight-loss counseling, and in-office sterilizations. Dr. Tyrone Malloy and his staff also provide in-office endometrial ablations as a way of treating abnormal uterine bleeding. Dr. Malloy earned his Bachelor's degree in Biology from New York University and subsequently acted as a Research Assistant in the Department or microbiology at the Rockefeller university. After receiving MS M.U. from The Jonns Hopkins University School of Medicine, he completed residency training in obstetrics and gynecology at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC. In addition to operating his private practice, Dr. Tyrone Malloy currently holds responsibilities as CEO, Medical Director, and Principal Investigator with the Soapstone Center for Clinical Research in Decatur, Georgia. In this capacity, he leads prenatal studies focusing on diagnostic blood tests that can screen for specific genetic conditions during a mother's first trimester. This minimally invasive procedure may take the place of current sampling methods that place the fetus at potential risk of injury. Active in his field, Dr. Tyrone Malloy maintains membership with the Georgia Obstetrical and Gynecological Society and the Gynecological Laser Society, amongst many others. Since 1985. the Georgia-based doctor has held board certification from the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Kaye Marks
2016-12-20, 17:18
I've known Dr. Malloy the better part of 25 years.! know him as a straight forward, father, husband, friend and man of God. Over the years he and his … read more
Super User
2016-12-18, 23:24
Dr. Malloy is an intelligent physician who provides quality patient care and imparts important knowledge to future/current healthcare providers.
Michelle Reid Winston
2016-12-20, 19:23
Dr. Malloy is an excellent physician and upstanding member of the community. He should be granted bond while this case is appealed.
To ensure that … read more

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