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Date: 3 0 2015
Raymie Malloy 580E
1874 Piedmont Rd
Atlanta, GA 30324

Thank you for your letter dated ^y ^Due to our limited resources, we are unable to assist you and will not ta^e any action on your behalf. You should be aware that there are statutes of limitation which totally bar civil claims if they are not filed in a timely fashion. As we have not researched which statutes of limitation might apply to your case we cannot advise you regarding the same. You should seek other counsel right away. I would recommend trying to locate a state or local attorney referral service for help finding competent counsel. If you are unable to find an attorney to help you and if you are not familiar with the Prison Litigation Reform Act which requires exhaustion of administrative remedies prior to filing a lawsuit you should research that issue. I have also enclosed the most recent list we have of organizations that offer assistance to prisoners.

My client, Prison Legal News (PLN), does distribute self-help literature that may be of interest to you. Today PLN sent you an informational brochure pack containing three (3) order forms for legal reference and self-help books. For civil cases, I would highly recommend the books Protecting Your Health & Safety and Prisoners7 Self-Help Litigation Manual. Both books are excellent resources. I’m sorry we can’t do more to help you at this time but we wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors.

Very Truly Yours,
By: Lance T. Weber
General Counsel
P.O. Box 1151, Lake Worth, FL 33460
Phone: 561.360.2523 Fax: 866.735.7136

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2016-12-20, 02:29
I support and endorse the granting of bond for Dr. Malloy as petitioned. I am a US Army Sergeant First Class Retired Disabled Soldier and I am an … read more
William Ritchie
2016-12-19, 00:11
I am a retired Deputy Chief of Police and Chief of Detectives with the Metropolitan Police in Washington DC. Dr. Malloy and I were classmates at … read more
Super User
2016-12-18, 23:24
Dr. Malloy is an intelligent physician who provides quality patient care and imparts important knowledge to future/current healthcare providers.

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