Dr. Tyrone C. Malloy M.D.

Gynecologist Dr. Tyrone Malloy treats patients at his private practice in Decatur. Georgia. In addition to helping individuals manage conditions like menopause and hypothyroidism. Dr. Tyrone Malloy sees patients at Cheshire Bridge Gynecology. LLC. which he leads as founder and medical director. The facility, located in Atlanta, provides treatments and diagnostic services like care for uterine bleeding, pap smears, and in-office sterilizations. In preparation for his gynecological career,

Dr. Malloy earned his doctor of medicine from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He then completed an internship with the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and proceeded to finish his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the same institution, where he served as chief resident. After completing his medical education, the physician enrolled at the Georgia state University college of Law, from which he achieved his juris doctor. Continuing his involvement in education. Dr. Tyrone Malloy trains postgraduate fellows in the Family Planning Fellowship Program at the Emory University School of Medicine, see less

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2016-12-20, 02:29
I support and endorse the granting of bond for Dr. Malloy as petitioned. I am a US Army Sergeant First Class Retired Disabled Soldier and I am an … read more
Renee Gallman-Jones
2016-12-20, 01:45
Dr. Malloy has been my doctor for 16 years I have known him to be an upstanding doctor and member of the community where he practices. Granting him … read more
Toni P. Hawkins, MSW, MPH
2017-01-30, 01:04
I write this testimonial with both sadness and respect. I am sad that the situation that Dr. Malloy finds himself in and the anquish it has caused … read more

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